Don’t be the weakest link

chainEvery person’s life is a link in a chain. From our families to the communities that hold our societies together, we form a perpetual link that holds humanity together. Whether our families and communities succeed or fail depends on the quality of decisions made by the individual members; a chain is only as strong as its weakest link goes the old adage.

But what makes a decision good or bad? Surely individual experiences are so diverse that a general rule for good or bad decisions cannot apply across humanity? Rest assured that this is not what I wish to establish in this article. What I want to share is an observation that was brought to my attention at the inaugural Cornerstone Men’s Conference by the keynote speaker, Bishop Simon Peter. Speaking on fatherhood, he said that fathers do one of three things: they perpetuate a cycle or they break a cycle or they start a cycle. Take a moment and think about the role your own father has played in your life. Is there something to emulate and perpetuate? Is there something to deal with and break? Or is there a void that demands a fresh start?

I believe that the quality of your decisions depends on the context that informs them. Looking over my own life, I realise that there was mostly negativity to perpetuate. I therefore found myself needing to break the cycle of failure, absenteeism and selfishness started by my father(s) – a story for another day – and start a new cycle that lays a foundation for others to build on. Most people do not want to think of life in this way because of the responsibility that such thinking brings. The truth is that our lives do form part of a chain and we need to make a habit of thinking of them as such. Our unique voice is where we fit in the cycle – are we perpetuating, breaking or starting a cycle. God put us where we are because he knows the best place for our skills. Our craft is how we shape our skills-set and acquire the knowledge needed to carry out our task. So look around you, your family, your community and your country. What are you going to do about the situations you do not like? What decisions will you make?

My desire is that the younger generation of my family will have relatives they can look up to and a family business they can use to hone their skills; they will have traditions worth perpetuating. This is the context from which I view every sacrifice I have made.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t be the weakest link”

  1. Reblogged this on Stepping Toes and commented:
    After the children boom the world has become so egocentric it chooses to have an other chain than before World War II.
    The family became not any more in the first place, but the gain of money became prime priority. After enriching themselves the western world came confronted by more than one financial crisis and got in a deep well. Now people have to work with more than one to be able to survive. Children in the family are now seen as an extra cost better to be avoided.

    those who believe in God and His Plan, should remember their task given in the Garden of Eden and later renewed by the son of God.
    We should rethink how we want to live and what to do with ourselves, future generations, education and the use of our environment.
    We also should check which material we want to use to build up our necklace. Each of us has to make the right choice willing to be a good part of the chain, which can hold humanity together. We ourselves can make a weak or strong link, but should strive to be the better link, having openings for other chains to join.

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